Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Change Happens

     Robert Frost penned a poem called "Nothing Gold Can Stay," which shows that nothing stays the same--everything changes. I love teaching this poem and challenging students to think of something that  doesn't change. We've had great discussions with this. I think of this poem often when I face unwanted deviations from my straight and planned life. Every school year I anticipate getting into a routine and enjoying the comfort that routine offers. But the only thing constant about the routine is that it changes
      At the end of this school year our school administrative assistant is leaving. She's been here longer than me, and I've made this school my home for 18 years. Watching her go out  the door one final time is going to be bittersweet. Yes, I'm happy for her, but what about us, the ones left behind to figure out life without Lu?
      Another unanticipated change was the loss of our school counselor. She was great and a friend. I didn't even get to say good-bye when a family emergency forced her to move back to Louisiana. This time, change was a good thing. Our new school counselor is someone I respect and admire. She will be a huge benefit to the students at my school.
     My school is not ideal for someone who doesn't like change. Just today we had another graduate "walk the hall" signifying completion of high school. Change. There is nothing that doesn't change. Even the use of double negatives can change from a mistake to intentional if only to prove the opposite.
     So how do we accommodate change? By rolling with it. Accepting it. Knowing that everything changes and embracing the change and the challenge it brings. So when the new AA arrives, I will bake for her. When the new counselor arrives, I will help her transition, offering any help I can give; and when new students take the place of old ones, I will embrace them, pour into their lives and see the change that can happen in them.
     Change. It can make all the difference.