Friday, April 20, 2018

Finish Strong

     In my world of education, we start our last block on Monday. That means I only have six weeks left to make a difference. The countdown is on in our classroom but it's not to see how we can endure until the end, but it's to see how much my students can learn in that time.
      This has been a terrific school year. It hasn't been the kids that have changed. It's been me. My attitude. In January I blogged about defeating Negative Nellie. I purposed to do that for the remainder of the year. Why? Because my students deserved to have someone who saw them in a positive light. To have a teacher who wasn't weighed down by negativity but one who had an optimistic view.
     Since becoming more cognizant of this propensity toward pessimism, I've been watching myself. I've been more intentional than ever in being positive. Guess what? The more I've practiced  this, the easier it's become.
      My  year hasn't been perfect. I still slip into negativity, but it's few and far between.I'm happier in the classroom and my students are happier too. So ]go out strong in May. Don't count down the days, be positive and look at how many days you have to impact their lives. How much time do they have left to learn? Finish strong. It could make all the difference.


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