Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Challenge Yourself

      It's a new year, a time for resolutions, re-commitments to prior goals or resignation of goals not made. I rarely make resolutions because I know I'm likely to fail. However, this year I'm challenging myself, not making e a resolution. I'm challenging myself to step out of the comfort zone or Zyg  Zone and foray into virgin or scary territory.
     Like most people, I lack confidence and really am not comfortable with public speaking. I stutter and stammer and look foolish trying to piece a coherent thought together. But this is an area of my life I really want to improve. Ergo, the challenge.
     My challenge is coming in a day. Someone recommended me to give a Tedtalk here in my city. It's only a two-minute pitch, but it's in front of people. I composed a quick, positive response and then looked at the email forever. Did I really want to put myself out there? Absolutely not. But it wasn't about me, it was about the challenge. When I came up with the idea to challenge myself, I didn't expect an opportunity to present itself so quickly. So I pressed "send" and off it sailed into cyberspace. I had two dates to choose from, this month or next. I chose this month, knowing I'd probably not go through with it if I waited.
      So tomorrow night I'll be at a TED X talk open mic, giving my two minute pitch. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but for me, it's a definite stretch. I'm grateful for the chance to wiggle out of the Zyg Zone, even if it is nerve-wracking.
     What about you? How can you challenge yourself this year? Give it a try. It can make all the difference.


  1. Awesome! As of now, I plan to be at the Ember tomorrow to listen to the TedX speakers. Doing a TedX is also something I have considered, so I admire your courage and hope that I am inspired to sign up for a TedX in the future.

  2. Thanks, Joel. You really don't need to be there...this is going to be tough enough! :) But thanks for the support!