Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Innovation? Nah

     The buzzword in education, at least in the realm I'm in, has been "innovation" everything--mindset, classroom, thinking, lifestyle. And I'm not complaining. I think education has been far too long on the uninspired and unimaginative road and needs to shift into a higher and different gear. But what about kids who don't embrace innovation thinking? Who want to muddle along in the old ways because they are comfortable and known? I don't have any answers...I'm asking the questions.
     My class set up is made for project-based learning. It's as perfect for it as I've ever gotten. I have a three-hour block of time itching to be used for hands-on learning. But what happens when a class of anti-hands-on learning students fill the seats of your classroom? What happens when every suggestion or idea of innovation gets met with frustrated, bored looks from students who "just want to get done"?
     I have no idea. Although it's only day 2 of our current block, the hostility I sense in the classroom every time I mention projects or innovation is palpable. It's a good thing I don't bend to how my class feels about me otherwise, they'd run me out of school. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but truly these students are just not interested in "innovation."
     Will I continue to try to interest them? Sure. But in the meantime I'm reverting back to my back up syllabi. They could make all the difference.

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