Monday, September 19, 2016

Relax and Take It Easy

     Anyone who knows me would laugh at the name of this entry. It's probably the last thing I do. In years past I've jammed my schedule, running from meeting to meeting, trying to do it all. I was crazy and lived a frenetic lifestyle that was doing more harm than good. Learning to relax and rest is vital to being on your game in the classroom.
     As teachers we often bring home more than just papers to correct. Our thoughts dwell long after the dismissal of students on a confidence shared with us by a student about a new development or twist in their already dysfunctional lives.Thoughts linger and hearts ache. With our mind trying to reassure us the students will be okay, a myriad of questions fill our souls.
     It's hard for teachers to let go and disengage. I'm speaking from past experience. Yet that's exactly what we need. Teachers give out so much during the week, they deplete their "giving" bank and sometimes even their reserves. Taking time during the weekend to recharge and refuel is vital to teacher survival.This past weekend I determined not to bring home school work. Instead my goal was to relax. And guess what? I did it. I relaxed. I read. I walked. I visited with friends and family. I hung out with my husband. It was awesome. My usual pattern for weekends? Work, work and more work.
      So what did I learn from this short respite from school? That we teachers need it. We need to relax and get out of classroom mode. It's healthy to take a break and not  think about the classroom for a night or two.
      Instead of looking for ways to occupy your time, read a book. Take a walk. Visit friends. Go for a bike ride. Disconnect for a bit. It can make all the difference.

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