Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ready for Risks

    Are you ready for some innovation? That's a question I ask myself as I approach the new school year. Am I ready to take a risk or two to try something new in my classroom? Am I comfortable enough with myself as a teacher to put myself out there? Am I willing to think beyond my regular parameters to implement a hopefully engaging idea that will capture my at-times reluctant demographic? All good questions to start the school year.
     I spent the summer with my mind fairly far from teaching. Occupied with other aspects of life, my thoughts would occasionally percolate on teaching and what I was going to do differently in my approach to the school year. Ideas came and went until I finally settled on my tactics. Even those changed the weekend before the first day.
     But the point is, I'm trying new things. I want my class to be the class kids don't want to miss. I want my class to be the class where deep learning takes place. I want my class to be the class where kids feel safe to express themselves, even if contrary to my own ideas. I want my class to be THE place.
     I am experimenting this block with a couple of concepts. So far, I have no idea if these strategies are working. Yet I'm trying. Even when appearances seem to bespeak failure. Even when my gut wrenches in apprehension about the success of these ideas. Even in spite of my lack of confidence, I'm pushing through and trying. And who knows? These new approaches? They could make all the difference. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Just trying new things tells me you are already winning the battle. Way to continue to grow as an educator. You are inspiring.