Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What are Your Strengths?

     How important is it to realize your weaknesses as a teacher? Ask most people and they would say it's invaluable. However, ask those same people about the power of realizing your strengths and they'd demurely dismiss your question. "Oh,I don't have any strengths" we coyly respond. But it's not true. All of us have strengths and once we recognize and begin to develop those strengths, students win.
    Ask yourself that simple question. What are my strengths as an educator? Where do I shine? What do I do well? There's no pride in admitting you do have skills and talents that enable you to do your job well. Not recognizing our positive qualities not only diminishes us but it minimizes our perception of ourselves.
     There are things I am good at and things I definitely need to work on. But the key is that I admit both the positives and negatives in my life. I admit weak areas freely, so why not claim the strengths?
    Teachers need to realize they do impact lives and they do make a difference and they do have strengths that aid in their teaching. Too often people criticize others for acknowledging something they do well in their lives. Instead, we need to embrace those things we excel at and develop them.
     I took time and looked at my own skills. What am I good at? What are my strengths? Do I utilize my strengths to improve my teaching? Unless I admit I'm good at somethings, I'll never be able to use those skills in the classroom. We do a disservice to our students when we're too prideful to admit our strengths. There's nothing to be gained when we operate in "humility" and refuse to admit we are skilled in certain areas.
     Once you evaluate your life and see how you operate, pick out the strong points in your teaching. Everyone has them. Everyone has something he or she is good at that can be beneficial in the classroom.
    I know my strengths and I use them daily to be a better, more approachable teacher. How about you? Acknowledge your strengths and use them intentionally daily. It will make all the difference.

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