Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teaching Changes

    As I continue to make my way through @teachthought's reflective questions, I find myself wondering the answer to this question myself. How do I envision my teaching changing in the next five years? How do I, indeed?
    My initial reaction to this question is that I improve, but that's not the answer. HOW will the change occur? I think it comes down to two words--risk taking. If I'm not willing to experiment, fail, and learn, I'm not sure I should be teaching. Sound like a harsh assessment? Maybe it is, but I do believe it. Does that mean everything I've done in the past that has been successful I need to scrap? I don't think that's the case. Maybe it's more of an attitude, a willingness to be flexible and try out new concepts not knowing how successful these implemented ideas will be.
     What do I hope my teaching is like in five years? Perhaps more deliberate than now, but still open to change. My desire is to be as innovative as possible, engaging as many students as possible, in the best learning environment possible. Is this possible? I think it is.
     Do teachers consciously think about where they'd like to be in five years? Do they set personal and professional goals? Should that be part of the evaluation process? How important is it for teacher's to look ahead and storyboard out their career?
     Time will tell what my teaching is like in five years. However, if I know anything about myself it's this: My teaching won't look the same as it does now. And that will make all the difference.

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