Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Favorite Part of the School Day

    I'm returning to something I never finished last year, and it's something I actually DO want to complete. @teachthought has a series of 30 questions for teachers to reflect upon in one month. Well, I got up to Day 10 and got sidetracked. I'm determined to get through these? To write more about myself? No, to become a better teacher.
    Day 11: What is your favorite part of the school day and why? This isn't as easy as it sounds. I have multiple "favorite" times of the day. When the students arrive, when I'm working with kids and they "get" it, but mostly  I'd have to say the last half hour to hour of class. This is usually when I schedule time for projects. Entering into group conversations, dreaming up ideas, laughing and learning are all present. It's FUN! Just like school is supposed to be.
     So what's the current project we're working on? Glad you asked. My school rents space from a Seeing Impaired School who periodically houses students for a week at a time. To connect more with the demographic we have decided to write short books for them. Once we create the text, the Blind School staff will make Braille books out of our words. We'll be working with the art class who will be illustrating the books.
     Enough of the rabbit trail. I enjoy the end part of the school day as my kids are ready for a break and ready to discuss--life, school, politics, books--whatever. They've worked hard and their ready to relax a bit before the end of the class. I view this time as imperative in building and maintaining relationships with my students. They see a more relaxed me and vice versa.
     So that's my favorite time of the school day--the time I'm able to interact with my students, chill, and just have fun and laugh. Laughter is always a big part of relationships. Is it in your room? Think about it. Laughter and down time--they make all the difference.

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