Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Conference Concerns

     I know it's Christmas but my mind is mired in April. April 9th to be exact. The date of our inaugrual Waging WAR for Literacy Conference for Teens (@WAR_for_Lit). Although filled with great anticipation, I must admit a mild growing sense of anxiety. Maybe that's too strong a word...unease, perhaps. A niggling of my inner organizer wondering if we're on track and what we need to do next to help this process smooth through the day.
     Mental lists are made. Gentle reminders to colleagues of their jobs, like secure books for pre-sale, talk to business about sponsoring lunch and my own list to check back with potential donors as well as remember to apply for new grants.
     This whole process has been a joy...until now. Now that the day is drifting closer, my mind works overtime trying to pinpoint areas we need to cover and wonder what we've missed or how badly we've missed it.
     However, during this holiday season, I need to remember to give myself and my colleagues some slack. Let everyone relax and enjoy family time. Jan. 4 will come soon enough and then it's back to listening to that niggling voice.  To my coworkers on this project, enjoy the reprieve...Jan 4 is just around the corner and so am I; more work to do!
     Seriously, though, we are a team. Everyone brings a different skill set to the table and for that, I am eternally grateful. Truly I am. You guys are the best. Even you, Lumberjack Man.

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