Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016: A Throw-Back Year?

      I am a list maker. Who doesn't love making lists and then feeling a swell of satisfaction as you swipe a pen mark through it, crossing it off the "to do" paper which haunts your dreams. Well, it spooks my dreams, at least.
     So in an effort to organize myself and my life, professional, private, and spiritual, I asked for and received for Christmas a throw-back gift. Something many may scoff at but an item I've come to realize I need in order to remain organized and in charge of my life.
      Over Christmas, my husband and I watched "27 Dresses." The main character, Jane, is always "doing" for others that she neglects her self. To keep track of everyone and all her events (usually wedding related since she's been in 27 weddings), Jane utilizes a planner, a fat three-ring 5 x7" binder with calendars, a notes section and more.
     Many scoffed at her outdated mode of staying connected. But not me. Although I didn't ask for a day planner like that, I did receive my own appointment book and life-managing planner. Perfect size. Perfect gift. My husband was completely befuddled.
      Why? Because I am a techie. I love technology and Google calendar. I love getting the little reminders about upcoming events (like the one I just received about my date for coffee with a friend). What I don't love about this particular use of technology is that it's so small and limits me in easily seeing multiple months at a time. By using the planner, my dates are there, my calendar's there, and all it takes is a moment to insert new events.
       I'm not one to miss appointments, but I know having this calendar in hand will make it more likely I'll not over commit to multiple events on a day.
      Since my goal this year is to improve my organization skills, and get and stay organized, I thought this little book, small enough to slip into my purse, will help me do just that.
      What's on your to-do list? What's coming up in your life? How organized are you? This little planner helps me plan my life, be a more efficient teacher and more available mom and wife. Seems simple and old school, but for me? I think it will make all the difference.

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