Wednesday, October 7, 2015


       One of the best parts of the school year launched a few weeks back. It's something I look forward to every Monday night. I've participated even during meetings at church because I didn't want to miss out on anything. This type of professional development is addicting. Seriously. I admit it. The bug's caught me. I'm Twitter-fied.
      On Monday evenings at 8:30 a group of professional teachers launch into Twitter conversations on a variety of topics. #gfedchat is filled with people eager to learn and share about teaching techniques and ideas.
       Check out #gfedchat Monday nights. This past week we were joined by Don Wettrick, author of Pure Genius, who was a speaker at the North Dakota Technology Conference. Need an endorcement for joining an edchat? Here's what Don Wettrick has to say about them: "Twitter is the best professional learning environment for teachers!"
       Why is it the best learning environment? Because of the variety of input received on the topic of the night. It doesn't fail that I come away with some new something to try in my classroom. Either an area of weakness I can improve upon, new curricular ideas, classroom management tips or a myriad of other sparks I can implement the next day in my classroom.
     It's a learning environment because it's immediate. I experiment with the ideas shared, bounce off concepts I'm considering, ways of presenting material I'm contemplating, and share insights I may have. The cool thing is not everyone is a mainstream teacher. There are alternative educators who are in a world of their own, technology partners who give great tips, special educators who offer unique perspectives I've never considered, and administrators whose thought process is different from teachers in some ways. Collectively, we are a group of people dedicated to improving our craft and being lifelong learners.
      Check out an edchat in your district or state. Or join ours on Monday night. #gfedchat is one of the reasons I try new things in my classroom. I get great ideas from them or from things stated. Mondays no longer hold the stigma of being the first day of the week for me. Instead it's a time for me to gather with other professionals and share ideas. It's a time for me to be challenged professionally. It's a time when I'm definitely Twitter-fied. See you Monday night. I hope you become Twitter-fied, too.

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