Monday, September 14, 2015

Know Yourself

      Great ideas energize us. Or they do some of us. Some people get jazzed dreaming "What if..." while others like to work to make the "What ifs" become a reality. Others like to wait for the fruition of the plan and then join the team to help implement it. Whatever the case, knowing where you fit on that spectrum and then operating in it can lead to less stress and more fulfillment in our lives.
      Some people are big picture people. They love to come up with ideas, start projects, and then watch as others take those visions and make them realities. These people are essential to teaching and the classroom because they are innovators and creators. I have colleagues who have great ideas. When I'm around them, I feel energized by their thoughts and get inspired with ideas of my own. We build off each other and they charge me up.
       Other colleagues take those ideas and implement them. They are the "doers." Action people who like to take a project and see it to completion. I often end up in this role, not necessarily because that's who I am, but because I get so geared up about something and become passionate about an idea that I want to see it come to pass. However, I know me. I can do the "doer" thing, but I'm more of a big picture person.
        Still others with whom we collaborate are background people who come out during the implementation process. They are on the ground, "doing" the dreams in real time. A vital part of the process, that's for sure.
       So why is this topic worthy of a blog post? Am I that desperate for topics? comment.
       Actually, I'm working with some colleagues on a project that I am passionate about. Yet I have to watch myself, making sure I don't burn out, lose interest in this event, or want to quit. I can see it happening. Especially when I look at my calendar!
       As you enter into projects and events with coworkers, know yourself and the place you fit best. You'll feel more fulfilled and energized operating in the area; your project will operate more smoothly and everyone will avoid that stressed out feeling.
       So my words for this week? Know yourself, and you'll be happier for it.

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