Sunday, September 13, 2015

Be a Donor

      As a teacher, how many amazing ideas whiz through your brain weekly or even daily only to be dismissed because you know funding is as rare as a 20 degree day in January in North Dakota? I wallowed with this problem for years until I took advantage of a site called
      I actually came upon this site a few years ago and contributed to a few projects. But this year, my second year in my new classroom, I was ready to build my classroom library and start a book club for my students. The problem? No funds. Or limited funds. Ask my husband? No funds.
      Once again I happened upon and decided to sign up to get my projects funded. And they did. Three of them. My classroom bookshelves are no longer meagerly stocked and I've started a book club at lunch time with some students in my school. Sure there's some work involved in writing the request form and in sending thank yous and pictures, but the payoff is so much bigger.  They also offer matching funds within the first week of your project (up to $100) and companies can match employees giving (this alone funded one of my projects, thanks to my brother's company).
       Maybe you don't have a project that needs funding, but other teachers do. I've invested hard-earned dollars in other educators because I believe in them and what they are trying to do to better their classroom.
         Check out and impact someone's classroom. What goes around, comes around.

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