Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spread Some Sunshine

     Everyone has cloudy days. Maybe even months or season in our lives when life's circumstances can overwhelm us. But how we react to those cloudy days reflects a lot on who we are as people. The same is true with our students. What do we do as educators to help them out of their funks? Sure, we're not counselors, but a small act can go a long way.
     The video below shows a boy in the face of the worst kind of adversity who could wallow in cloudy days. Instead, he makes a decision to take a different path in life and spread a little sunshine. After watching this video, I had to ask myself if I was on the same journey as this little guy. A journey I think is worth taking. See what you think.

     This little guy may only be six, but he's already endured incredible loss. People may think he doesn't really understand what happened because he's so young. Having lost a parent when I was seven, I can honestly say I disagree. Yet so filled with loss, Jaden finds solace in others and making them happy. When I was seven, I was too immersed in me.
     So lesson learned. Despite the day that may be filled with disappointments or challenges, ask yourself this: Did I make someone smile today? Because really, we all need a little sunshine in our lives to help remove the clouds.Instead of ignoring the sullen student, give him or her a little gift of your time or extra care or a smile. The outside may remain as somber as ever, but perhaps you brightened up the inside. Who knows? After repeated attention, may you'll be a cloud chaser yourself and allow sunlight to penetrate the gloom.
      When clouds threaten my day or my students, I'm going to remember Jaden and spread a little sunshine. I think it's a lesson we can all learn. Thank you, Jaden. You're going to reach your goal in spades. Just you watch. Our world is a brighter place because of you.

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