Thursday, August 6, 2015

Not "Just" Reading

     I am excited and a bit apprehensive about this upcoming school year. I feel this way every year, which, I think, is a good thing. It's good to be anticipating the year, looking forward to implementing new ideas. It's also good to be cautious about what I'm trying out, knowing the new ideas may fail.        
     This year I'm starting a lunch time book club. I utilized to fund this venture and have been gratefully surprised by the support this project has received. After only a short time, the project is nearly funded. This money will purchase the books I need to have the book club.
     As stated in previous blog postings, I've had reinforced this summer the need for kids to not "just" read but to have choice in their reading material. That's something I've worked at over these few months is beginning to build a classroom library. But that's a whole 'nother topic. Kids need to read. Period. I'm hoping this lunch time book club will ignite an interest in reading and sharpen analytical skills. In essence, bring about a joy for reading students may not have experienced before.
     Something I do know, is this isn't "just" a book club. It's a place where I can introduce students to characters and places they've never met or been, sparking an interest in visiting more places and meeting even more characters on their own.
     Reading is fundamental. It's not "just" reading anymore than I'm "just" a teacher. Reading is an invitation to imagine and enter worlds beyond ours, experiencing new things and being exposed to new ideas.
      Reading isn't "just" for school or students. It's for everyone. Summer's almost over but it's not too late to visit new places or meet interesting people. Pick up a book today and immerse yourself in it. You'll be glad you did.

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