Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer "Vacation?" Summer Dreams


           The end of another year looms in the near future. Another year of successes and failures. I’ve been dreaming of next year already before this year has even been put to bed. I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to spend my summer. And truth be told, I’d love nothing more than to visit other alternative high schools and glean from them ways to improve my classroom and school.
            I know it sounds dorky, like, who would waste vacation days on that. But I think it sounds great. I’d get to combine my love of travel with my passion for my job. Besides, despite what my school board members may think, and the general public, most teachers spend the summer working on something for the next school year. At least, I do. And in an ideal world, I’d spend this summer checking out alternative programs in other states.
            I doubt I can get my administration to pay for any of these trips, but it’s something I dream of doing. Jumping in the car and road-tripping through various states, visiting as many alternative schools as possible, and taking notes about what works and what doesn’t. Really, a trip like this wouldn’t cost a lot of money, but the pay off could be priceless.
            I’ll keep dreaming the dream. And who knows, maybe next summer I’ll plan a trip. In the meantime summer is calling, and so is my list of “to-do” items to get ready for next school year. Summers aren’t really for vacation, they’re a time out to refresh and renew for the next year. And dream. Always dream.  

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