Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Risk-learning Education

       Taking a risk is scary. You never know the outcome. You can't control the situation. And for some, that lack of control is scariest of all. Yesterday I proposed a class project to my at-risk students.Scary? You bet. With the make up of my classes, I wasn't sure of the reaction.
       I have two, three-hour classes where I teach four classes concurrently. All of my students are at different places, usually, in their classes and I spend my day teaching one-on-one. So I put the idea out there and in my morning class...well, let's just say the idea was met with underwhelming support. I'm still not sure how it's going to go down in my a.m. class. However, my afternoon class was a different story. The groups challenged themselves to see who could do the better job on the project, with a promise of a prize for the best project elicited from me.
       So, am I disappointed with the outcome? Not really. My morning class is filled with introverts and some pretty insecure learners. My afternoon is the opposite. But it's only been Day 1. We have two more weeks to finish the project.
       A lot can happen in two weeks. This isn't just a learning experience for the students. I'm the one whose learning is being challenged. Taking a risk is worth it. It grows you as a teacher and allows students to see your failures and successes. Just like you see theirs. Bring attention to it and let kids know it's okay to fail. We learn from it. I know I do everyday...

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