Sunday, February 1, 2015

Relevant and Authentic Voice

             It’s Super Bowl (SB) Sunday and the world becomes obsessed with one thing: commercials. Talk tomorrow will center briefly on the game; however, the full force of conversation will be about which commercials people saw, liked, and disliked.
            So it’s the afternoon of this wild event, and I’m wondering to myself how I can leverage this national obsession into a real world application in my class tomorrow. How can I get my students to think critically about something that will garner their focus and attention like the SB ads?
            My Twitter feed brought me the answer. For those who don’t know it, I’m a sports junky. I follow educators and sports people (broadcasters, athletes, teams, etc) on Twitter. One of­­ the people I follow tweeted a link to a SB ad that will air tonight. That’s what set me to thinking.
            What if my students had to create a PSA on something they are passionate about? What would it be? How would they react? What if the class worked on it together for the first half hour of everyday? What would they say to writing, speaking, and using mechanics properly if their PSA would be viewed by others through the school district website or other mediums?
            I want authentic and relevant assignments that give my students a voice to say what they want to say. To think about what they feel needs to be said. To explore how to say it. To create the medium in which to project their voice. To celebrate their creation and take ownership of their voice.
            Will they jump on board with the idea? Will they take ownership of it and make it "theirs?" I guess I'll find out. One thing I do know. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough…

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