Saturday, January 10, 2015

Education At Risk

     Education always seems to be a hot topic. What's good, what's bad, what needs reforming, what needs to improve--the list is endless. Teachers are usually the ones on the front lines, hearing complaints from every direction. They don't prepare students enough for college or career. They don't pay attention to standardized testing. They need to spend more time on math and literacy. They need to incorporate technology more because these kids are digital natives. They need to rely less on technology and revert back to the basics without all the "fluff" that comes with technology. Teachers aren't rigorous enough and they don't expect enough. Teachers expect too much. Really, it seems educators can't win.
     For a variety of reasons, many listed above, there's an exodus of young, quality teachers from the field. I hate to see this as these are the ones who could bring about real reform in the future at the local level. One such teacher, Josh Waldron, a Viriginia Teacher of the Year, states here why he decided to resign from teaching. Read it. It's honest and accurate.
     There are Joshes in every state. Young educators who see the reality of teaching and the direction it's headed and become disillusioned. Lack of pay, increased workload, and long hours typify a teacher's life. And those new to the career are beginning to refuse to continue working in a field that is long on expectations and short on appreciation.
     If something isn't done to address this issue of the out migration
of young teachers, education will be in  a more perilous condition than it is now. And that's saying a lot.

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