Friday, October 10, 2014

15 Things to Know About Me

      This is a rather silly little post but one prompted for me to complete by the 30 blog challenge. I know I've rewritten the rules, so to speak, of the  @teachthought blog intent, but I continue to work down the list and the days. Today is day 9 of the prompts. Hope you enjoy little known facts about me. Some of these were hard to do!
Share five random facts about myself:
     1.       I’m the youngest of seven and am still referred to as “kid” by my oldest brother.
     2.       I was a freelance writer for a few years.
     3.       My dream as a child was to become a veterinarian. The reality of organic chemistry changed that.
     4.       The very first day of freshman orientation, I met my future husband when he asked me    
            directions to a testing site.The next four years we disliked each other intensely until spring semester of our senior year.
     5.       I never wanted to be a teacher. I got my education degree/teaching license so I would always be able to support myself. Now I couldn't see myself doing much else.

Four things from my bucket list:
     1.       Visit and hike through major western National Parks.
     2.       Go through the home-building process
     3.       Go to Ireland
     4.       Go on a Mediterranean cruise with friends

Three things I hope for this year, as a “person” or an educator.
     1.       To challenge the students to be more engaged by allowing more freedom   
     2.       To develop an “enriched” English class
     3.       To laugh more

Two things that made me laugh or cry as an educator:
          1. Watching a young girl who had just finished her coursework and was ready to graduate, don a cap and gown and walk down our hallway while "Pomp and Circumstance" played in the background so her dying mother in a wheelchair could see her "baby" graduate. Not a dry eye in the place.
        2.    My students and the variety of whines they invent make me laugh.

One thing I wish more people knew about you:
   1.    I’m really a softy. 

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