Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Missing From This Picture?

I’m starting my thirteenth year at my current school and this is the first year with a classroom of my own. In the past I moved from the computer lab in the morning to the FACS room in the afternoon. You guess which classroom I liked best. So, now I have my own classroom for which I’m incredibly grateful.
                In the picture above, you probably can’t tell what’s missing from my classroom, but I can tell you. Macbooks. Yes, that’s right. Laptops. I really want to get a cart of Macbooks for my school. It’s something the other two high schools have in town and something I’ve wanted for years. I’m currently looking for grants to write in order to attempt to achieve this dream, so if you know of any granting organizations wanting to give away $25,000 or so, let me know. J
                What you won’t see but I have are netbooks. My district is on the road to being a full 1:1 district. In fact, my school was the first to pilot netbooks a number of years ago. Although I appreciate the machines and would much rather have them than nothing, netbooks are difficult for young adults to use. At least the netbooks we have. The screens are small, the keyboards crunched together and the programs are limited. However, they are GREAT to have in lieu of nothing else. They allow my students to get access to the web which is something I really appreciate.
                So why do I want Macbooks? I think I could have my students do more imaginative projects using this tool. It would afford them a stronger vehicle to release their creativity, especially in video form. It’s a machine better suited for their size, being easier to manipulate than smaller netbooks.
                I will continue my quest for this illusive dream. It’s good for students and that’s what I hope my classroom is all about—things that benefit kids. Dream today, reality tomorrow. Just wait and see…

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