Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ed Chats and Attitude Adjustments

You may not be able to go to a conference so bring the conference to you in the form of an ed chat.

The first school day is history. Jitters are abated. Anticipation is gone. Well, two out of three of these is true. Does coming back to school mean the end of anticipation? As teachers, we still, hopefully, anticipate every day in the classroom—or most. But what happens when the fire dims and the first day jitters morph into first day indifference? Maybe it’s time to reassess our career or maybe it’s time to reignite the fire.
                My summer was terrific. One of the best I’ve had in ages. I traveled, saw friends and family, experienced new adventures, and relaxed, a bit.  What I didn’t do was prepare as much as I normally do for school. The result? I wasn’t as stoked about coming to school as in the past. So what did I do to readjust myself? I entered the world of my colleagues. Through a few frenetic Twitter chats with #ndedchat and #westedchat, I felt refreshed, reconnected, and re-energized. The moral of the story is if you need a jolt in the pants and a readjusted attitude, hang out with colleagues who are jazzed about school. Their excitement is infectious and, in my case, led to some fresh ideas to try out in class.
                So the next time you feel a bit down about school or teaching, check out an ed chat on Twitter. There are tons of them out there, filled with colleagues excited about their profession, brimming with unique and fresh ideas to try in the classroom. You may not be able to go to a conference so bring the conference to you in the form of an ed chat. 
We all need a shot of encouragement. Find yours in an edchat. Check out the edchats in your region or search Twitter.  I couldn’t imagine life without #gfedchat, #ndedchat or #westedchat. They challenge me to be a better teacher and inspire me with new ideas. Let them do the same for you. 

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